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31 Llama Lane
Wellsboro, PA, 16901
(814) 435-2969
(877) RT6-CANYON
N 41° 45.145'
W 077° 30.056'

Trip Descriptions


Canyon Guided Raft Trip:

This is our most popular trip, a raft trip that begins at Ansonia and runs through Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon and finishes at Blackwell, about sixteen miles and six hours away. It includes class II-III rapids, lovely hikes to waterfalls, a bald eagle’s nest (and usually the eagles), and a guide-prepared lunch over a roaring fire about half way through the trip. We provide expert guides (about one for every ten people) who know the water, the flora and fauna, the geology and history, and are pretty good storytellers.

You meet at our base about five miles west of Ansonia for outfitting and a short orientation talk, and we take you by van to the put in. At trips end you will be bused back to our base, and your waiting vehicle.

Rental Trips

With these trips you rent a raft or canoe, and we provide paddles, lifejackets and transportation to the put-in at Ansonia. Return transportation is part of our rental packages, or you can arrange your own. Transportation to put-in at Galeton or Watrous is part of our rental packages, or available for a small fee. Galeton and Watrous trips usually end right across the road from our base, so return transportation isn’t necessary. If you want to continue farther down Pine Creek, return transportation is part of our packages, or can be arranged.

Rental Raft Trips

Most people can handle a raft from Ansonia to Blackwell on their own. As mentioned above, there are class II-III rapids. The Upper Pine, from Galeton to Rexford is also a very beautiful stretch of Pine Creek. The water is quick, but without the big drops and waves of the Canyon. This is a perfect trip early in the year for younger groups, or groups that are inexperienced and don’t want guides.

Rental Canoe Trips

A canoe trip through the Grand Canyon should only be attempted by experienced canoeists. If you fit this description, put-in can be from Galeton, Watrous, or Ansonia. Many people choose to make this a two or three day trip, camping in the Canyon. Call for details. For people not quite as experienced, or who want a more leisurely experience, the Upper Pine is a classic canoe stream. The water is quick and there are some small rapids, but it doesn’t have the big waves and drops of the Canyon. A canoe trip on the Upper Pine can take between three and five hours, depending on your pace.